Revision Guide Challenge!


Revision Guide Challenge: Create a revision guide or study resource to support your learning in the following areas:

  • Evolution and inheritance.
  • Fossils

Remember WMG: Revision guide –

  • labelled diagrams.
  • scientific vocabulary.
  • definitions and explanations.
  • key questions.

We will be turning these into a class science revision pack to use when revising for SATs so ensure the information is clearly communicated with your audience (each other)

Have a fantastic half term!



Mo Farrah: That Winning Feeling!

This week as part of Black History Month we will be using texts and other sources to learn more about Mo Farah and his determination in becoming both an Olympic and World Champion.  We will then be putting ourselves in his shoes and consolidating our diary writing skills – focusing on his feelings and emotions during one of his incredible victorious moments.  Watch the clips and read the article below and comment how you think this demonstrates his determination and focus to become the best.  How could you use these ideas within your diary extract?


Share comments and start a discussion on here and bring any responses to our lesson on Wednesday to use in your writing.

Wales Vs Clapham

Welcome to 6M’s Blog! 

This week some of us have been adventuring in the Brecon Beacons, Wales and some have been staying closer to home – but equally testing their navigational and outdoor natural thinkers skills.

In two weeks we will be performing our first sharing assembly, giving us a chance to bring our parents and careers some live broadcasts and stories from our adventures this week! 

We need your help – choose a day, a moment or an activity that you really loved (or hated to begin with), something you found difficult or challenging, frightening or impossible and write a news report of this. Remember the work we did on news reports last year – it can be a broadcast or a written report – remember your audience and the purpose – to inform your audience of the event!

Happy reporting – deadline day is Friday 6th October!