Should Zoos Be Banned?

For our extended piece of writing this week we will be writing a balanced argument to show the evidence both, for and against zoos being banned.  To support you with creating this, you will need to do research to strengthen your arguments and provide the reader with evidence to help them form an opinion.

Watch the clip below and, along with the articles and texts we have given you, add to your ‘for and against’ table for home learning – try and highlight/ star your strongest 3 arguments for both sides, ready to share tomorrow:

Show Time – Gymnastics in 6M!

This term has seen us develop our skills in gymnastics by choreographing our own unique routines to the London Grammar song – ‘Big Picture’.  We have been working on up-scaling our moves and working together as a team to create a really impressive routine.

Today was show time – here are some snapshots from our performances.  We evaluated these in the lesson and will announce the winners tomorrow – what did you see that impressed you? What moves really stood out and who worked best as a team and why? Leave your comments below!

We are Scientists!

Last week was Science and Engineering week at Clapham Manor.  We began our study of ‘Light and How we See Things’ in year 6 and did lots of research and investigating of different scientific phenomena such as; rainbows and how periscopes work.  We then made periscopes in teams.  Check out our photos below and comment – what did you enjoy? What did you find challenging? What is the science behind how a periscope works?

Get Prepared for Science Week in 6M!

Next week is Science Week; which will see us begin our new science topic of ‘Light’.  As part of this we are going to undertake the challenge of constructing periscopes and discovering how they work and what they are used for.  We would like you to watch the clip and collect any materials you may need for constructing your periscope.  You may also want to research the best way of making one and think about how you will adapt your design to create the most functional periscope.

Bring any materials into school from Monday next week (we will be having our practical lesson on Wednesday)

Have a great weekend!

Work Hard. Play Hard!

Year 6 have been working really hard to prepare for their SATs so we decided to make the most of the snow this afternoon and enjoy some fun in Grafton Square! We hope you enjoyed throwing snowballs, making snowmen and snow angels as much us.  Back to the hard work tomorrow morning though Year 6!

World Book Day – Let’s Get Creative!

World Book 2018 

To celebrate World Book Day 2018 we will be creating  costumes based on our new Power of Reading book – The Spider and the Fly by Mary Howitt.  Take a sneak preview at the clip below (but don’t watch until the end – it will spoil the surprise)!

Once you have watched the first few pages decide which character you will dress up as and start collecting materials and clothes from home for your costume.  Bring everything with you on Tuesday 27th February  We will spend the afternoon getting creative and making some amazing costumes for Thursday.

Have a fabulous weekend!




Let Me Take A Selfie!

We have been working on celebrating our achievements and being proud of the amazing work we have produced.  These are the first four members of 6M that wanted a selfie with their work to share here, after a challenging English lesson on experimenting with various sentence structures in writing.  What do you think? What will you choose to share next…..

It’s Snow Time!

Over half term the 2018 Winter Olympics is starting in South Korea – this is a chance for athletes in sports such as skiing and snowboarding, as well as ice skating and bob sleighing to showcase their talents and become Olympic medalists.
We would like you to collect as many different statistics based on this years competition to use in our maths lessons after half term.  Examples of these could be:
  • medal tables.
  • team stats.
  • event stats.
  • individual athletes information.
  • event times and scores.

Why not watch some events and record the statistics in your own way.  Comment on here with what you find and bring all your samples to school on the first day back – the more you bring the more we have to compare and discuss!

We will also be basing our reading and writing in the first week back on the competition so the more you watch the more ideas you will generate for this.  Consider what vocabulary you will need to know and understand and if you find any exciting articles or clips to use in our english lessons bring them in or post links on here!

Have a great half term!

It’s Competition Time – Let’s Get Writing!

It’s time to show off your incredible writing talents!

500 Words Creative Writing Competition – 2018

The great thing about this competition is……..

You can write whatever you want!  Use books and stories to inspire you, magpie ideas from class novels or authors you love.  Make your story unique and original and consider how you will ‘hook’ the reader from start to finish.

Whether it’s adventure or sci-fi we want to hear it.  But the challenge is – can you grip us in 500 words?

We will be working on these stories in Wednesday’s English lesson – so come prepared!




Homelessness: Your View

Next week as part of our book study on ‘The Way Home’ by Libby Hathorn, we will researching and publishing our own articles on the subject of ‘homelessness’.

Your home learning this weekend is to enhance your own personal research, in order to write your article.  You must find statistics, images and factual information, as well as possible view points and opinions of those working in the charity sector, trying to help homeless people.

Consider adding to your initial mind maps with ideas for each section.

Please share 3 facts, statistics or useful websites on the blog for the rest of year 6 to use in their articles.  Don’t forget to comment on here for all to see!